David Shaffer (Bio)

David Shaffer (Bio)
County Sheriff

David Shaffer (Bio)

Sheriff Shaffers law enforcement career began as a volunteer special deputy with the Knox County Sheriffs Office in 1985. In 1987 he was hired by Chief Jerry Day as a full time patrolman with the Fredericktown Police Department. In 1993 Sheriff Shaffer joined the Knox County Sheriffs Office as a midnight shift patrol deputy. While working for Sheriff David Barber he served as a K-9 handler and was one of the original members of the agencys Tactical Response Unit, later becoming the team leader.

Shaffer rose through the ranks from deputy to patrol sergeant, to lieutenant, to division commander in charge of patrol, records, and civil process. His next step was serving as captain before being elected Knox County Sheriff. Shaffer is a past recipient of the National Sheriff’s Association Medal of Valor and the Ohio Attorney General’s Distinguished Law Enforcement Group Achievement Award.

I am proud to have grown up and raised my family in Knox County. I enjoy working in the field of law enforcement and being a part of a great team.

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