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Reduce Junk Mail and Telemarketing
Junk Mail
  • Creates four million tons of preventable waste each year
  • Fills three percent of America's landfills and costs taxpayers $320 million in disposal fees annually
  • Destroys 62 million trees a year
  • Creates 28 billion gallons of waste water per year
  • Forty-four percent of all junk mail is trashed before being opened

How to Reduce Junk Mail:

  • Ask to be put on a "do not mail" list. Write or call companies that send you unwanted mail.
  • When you provide personal information to a company, specify that you do not want your information shared.
  • On any form that you provide personal information, write "Please do not sell my name and address".
  • Register at: www.directmail.com - National Do Not Mail List.

How to Reduce Credit Card Offers:

  • To opt out for five years: Call toll-free 1-888-5-OPT-OUT (1-888-567-8688) or visit: optoutprescreen.com.
  • This phone number and website are operated by the major consumer reporting companies.
  • To opt out permanently: You may begin the permanent Opt-Out process online at: optoutprescreen.com.
  • To complete your request, you must return the signed Permanent Opt-Out Election form, which will be provided after you initiate your online request.
      When you call or visit this website, you'll be asked to provide certain personal information, including your home telephone number, name, Social Security number, and date of birth. The information you provide is confidential and will be used only to process your request to opt out.

How to Reduce Telemarketer Calls:

  • Register online at: www.donotcall.gov - provided you have a working email address.
  • Call toll-free 1-888-382-1222 from the number you wish to register.

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