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Environmental Education
An environmental education booklet has been created that expressly aligns to all Science common core standards, and to Social Studies common core standards regarding the environment, litter prevention, pollution recycling and waste;
for students in Grades Pre-K through 5th.

This teacher-friendly booklet list activities by grade level, curriculum, topic, content statement, the name of the activity and the objective.

Each activity is approximately 40 minutes in length and would serve well introducing or reviewing different subject matter. Activities were selected based upon student participation, educational content and the Ďfuní factor. If necessary, a rubric could be created for grading purposes.

If we want children to flourish,
we need to give them time to connect with nature and love the Earth
before we ask them to save it. - David Sobel

Environmental Education


Recycling coordinator, Randy Canterbury, is available to come to your local organization to conduct recycling and environmental activities guaranteed to impress audiences of all ages. Review the history of solid waste and environmental disasters. Hear how Nike and rubber bath toys led to the mapping of ocean currents. Learn about plastics and polymers and what those numbers inside the chasing arrows really mean. Understand the operation of landfills and how waste is simply entombed. Learn about MRFs (material recovery facilities), enviroshopping and vermicomposting. Recycling education is more than just the three Rís Ė Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; itís about creating an attitude of appreciation and conservation of our world's natural resources.

Grade School Education

Please click on What is Recyclable in Knox County to learn about
all the materials that are currently being accepted for recycling.

What is Recyclable in Knox

To schedule a presentation or school activity,
please contact Recycling Coordinator, Randy Canterbury,
in the Knox County Commissioners Office at
740-393-6704 or recycle@co.knox.oh.us

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