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Programs & Services
Programs & Services

Drug Court

In December 2000, the Knox County Juvenile Drug Court began due to the overwhelming rise in drug use among the juveniles. The Drug Court Program is designed to be the most intensive program at Knox County Juvenile Court. The Drug Court Program is run in collaboration with the Drug and Alcohol Freedom Center of Knox County.

Any further questions can be directed to:

Jeremy Payne, Knox County Juvenile Drug Court Probation Officer,
Melissa Body, Drug and Alcohol Freedom Center of Knox County Youth Coordinator.

Mental Health Court

Knox County Juvenile Health Court began in January 2016. The program serves juveniles who reside in Knox County and are charged with misdemeanors and/or felonies, and who have severe and presistent mental illnesses that are contributing factors in their law-breaking behavior and juvenile court involvement. Further, a court-monitored treatement and other services would enhance their ability to become productive and law-abiding citizens. The Mission of the Knox County Juvenile Mental Health Court is to help prepare Knox County Juveniles to lead healthy, responsible and law-abiding lives by assisting them in stabilization and coping appropriately with mental illness. The goal of the program is to reduce recidivism among individuals with severe and persistent mental health issues in the Knox County Juvenile Court system, reduce participants' detainment time by providing a specialized program for mental health clients, and increase the number of successful terminations from Knox County Juvenile Probation.

Any further questions can be directed to:

Mindi Marmet, Knox County Mental Health Probation Officer

Alternative Fitness Program

Alternative to Fitness Program was designed as an alternative to going to detention for juveniles.

Kevin Holley (740) 393-6799

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