Mailbox Policy & Standards

Policy Regarding Mailboxes Damaged During Snow Removal

Effective January 1, 2006

The Knox County Highway Department is responsible for clearing over 400 miles of County highway as quickly and safely as possible.  During this operation rural mailboxes may be damaged.  Please notify the Knox County Highway Department as soon as possible if you feel your mailbox had been damaged due to our snow removal.
            1.  Knox County Highway Department will replace damaged mailboxes only when the damage is due to a county snowplow striking the mailbox.  Knox County Highway Department will erect only a standard issue mailbox and post as a replacement.  When practicable, the mailbox may be fixed and reinstalled by Knox County Highway Department.

           2.  Knox County Highway Department will not replace damage mailboxes when the damage is due to the force of snow thrown at a mailbox by a county snowplow.  After inspection, Knox county Highway Department reserves the right to refuse to replace any damaged mailbox when, in Knox County's opinion, it does not appear the snow plow was operated in a negligent manner.

Please note: Plastic mailboxes are more prone to damage due to the oversized dimensions and the brittle nature of the plastic in extreme cold temperatures.  Please consider before purchasing a mailbox.  

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