Dr. Jennifer Ogle (Bio)

Dr. Jennifer Ogle (Bio)
County Coroner

Dr. Jennifer Ogle (Bio)

Dr. Jennifer Ogle was elected as Knox County Coroner in November of 2009. She graduated from the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed her internship and residency training at Grandview Hospital in Dayton Ohio. She is board certified in Family Practice and is a member of the Ohio State Coroner's Association.

Ogle’s experience in death investigation includes training with the former Cuyahoga County Coroner and investigating with the former president of the Ohio State Coroner's Association. Dr. Ogle maintains up to date knowledge on issues related to medicolegal death investigation through continuing medical education from both OSCA and the Harvard University School of Medicine. Dr. Ogle is a member of the Infant Mortality Board in Knox County.

Since elected, she has made strides to update the office of Knox County Coroner. Dr. Ogle introduced death investigators to Knox county and oversees their training which is done at the Saint Louis School of Medicine and clinically in the field here in Knox county. Ogle has also encouraged more subtle measures to elevate the accuracy of investigation in Knox county such as the use of white body bags county-wide to more easily allow the visualization of trace evidence. Ogle maintains a close working relationship with both the Licking and Franklin County Coroner's office where autopsies are performed.

Ogle feels that the information generated from the Knox County Coroner's Office should impact the community and hopefully prevent needless deaths. As such, she has written informational pieces for new drivers and families of the deceased. She regularly speaks with interested community organizations and has an open door policy for questions about risks associated with death in Knox County.

Dr. Jennifer Ogle is in a private family practice in Mount Vernon with her husband, Dr. Brent Ogle and her father-in-law, Dr. Richard Ogle, both of whom also serve as pro bono Deputy Coroners. She and her husband have 4 children and live in Gambier.


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