Office Staff

Assistant Engineer, E.I.T.
Clint Cochran

Road Superintendent
Curtis Osborne

Bridge Superintendent
Jeff Durbin

Project Manager
Tim Tyson

Fiscal Officer
Chester Woods

Payroll Clerk
Christine Williams

Emergency Calls
Please note that when you call the Knox County Engineer’s Office or Highway Department after our normal hours of operation you may get an automated phone recording. If it is a non-emergency, you may leave a message that will be returned the next business day. If it is an emergency, we recommend you call the Knox County Sheriff’s Office at 740-397-3333 and a dispatcher will contact the appropriate personnel.

The following application and permits may be obtained at the Knox County Engineers Office. Payment is only accepted in the form of cash or check. Please make checks payable to the Knox County Engineer.

Access Permits:
An Management Program was initiated in January 2006, county wide, and its function is to classify roads, and by classification determine spacing and location of driveways, considering nearest existing driveways and intersections, and review physical obstructions such as horizontal and vertical features which might impair sight distance. The county Access Management Permit also include the driveway culvert approval.

The Board of County Commissioners is the owner of record for all county road right-of-way, and issue permits through the County Engineer’s office for any public or private utilities proposing to locate or relocate in the right-of-way. This includes individual house services, and larger (transmission) lines serving multiple customers.

The Board of Knox County Commissioners have in effect a Frost Law (O.R.C. 5577.07) provision by which the County Engineer posts all county roads for a period of time (January 1 through May 1) for loads to be reduced by 25% of legal limits. A permit must be obtained to carry a load not reduced by 25% of the legal limit on all county roads. Loads reduced by 25% of the legal limit do not need to obtain a posted road permit.

The County Engineer issues permits for overweight, over-width, and over-height vehicles on county roads. Generally, these are “one-trip” applications, and each is reviewed for bridge limitations or road conditions prior to approval.

Any of the above permits may be downloaded and printed.

Knox County Engineer

Cameron Keaton, P.E., P.S. (Bio)

keaton webCameron Keaton was sworn into office as Knox County Engineer May 13, 2016. He was appointed to fulfill the remaining term of Jim Henry who resigned May 5, 2016.
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