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History of Knox County

Meandering Through Knox County History
by James K. Gibson, Director
Knox County Historical Society Museum

The four major Knox County history books spend several thousand pages recounting the events of the past 200 years in our part of Ohio. Knox County has a great history, filled with interesting events and fascinating people.

The “Meandering Through History” exhibit at the Knox County Historical Museum recounts, through photographs and artifacts, the major persons and events for each twenty-five-year period from 1800 to the present day. Highlights from each of these periods are summarized below.

You can learn even more about Knox County’s past by visiting our Knox County Historical Society Museum, at 875 Harcourt Road in Mount Vernon, or call 740-393-5247 for more information.

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Each time period contains a brief summary of important events that occured in Knox County, Ohio during those years.

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